Royal Wedding Sermon

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to watch the Royal Wedding.

But I’m really glad I did.

Of course the setting looked glorious in the spring sunshine, the pomp and ceremony were as good as it gets, the music was splendid and the bride looked beautiful (as all brides do – but what a lovely smile).

The thing that made it for me though (and which surprised and impressed a lot of other people too it seems) was of all things a sermon.

The American Bishop Michael Curry gave a magnificent 14 minute sermon on the subject of Christian Love, and what might happen if it caught on.  Captivating.

If you haven’t heard it here’s a link – have a listen.  It might be one of the best quarter hours you’ll ever spend.





2 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Sermon

  1. Mark,

    Not a big fan of the aristocracy myself as it seems so out of step with Christian teachings of equality, sharing of wealth and a lot more I could go on about. For those reasons, I didn’t watch the wedding but I did, on your suggestion, watch the sermon. It was absolutely spell binding and said everything that needs to be said and done to put this world to rights. Given that it was watched by millions all over the globe, it is tantalising to think that that message of love just might have got a few people thinking and how we as custodians of God’s creation, might do things in a different and better, more loving way.

    Just a thought or wishful thinking ?

    Chris >


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