What’s On

This Church Information leaflet gives useful information about our church including our regular services and other activities.

It is a pdf file so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to open it.  If you don’t already have it you can download Adobe Acrobat here

One thought on “What’s On

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Great to see the church has now got a website!

    How are you all? It has been too long since I last visited. I often think of my time as a member of the church with very fond memories of you all.

    It was a shame that I had to move away when I married Jonathan. Our first son Nathan is now at preschool and I am absolutely huge the second time around with expecting our second son on Christmas Day; little Theo.

    When Theo is settled in, I fully intend to rectify my over due visit to say Hello and for you to meet both of our sons. I hope to find you all well and it is really great to have heard about what the church has been doing of late.

    My sincerest wishes and warmest regards to you all. You are often in my thoughts and prayers though I am poor at popping by to say Hello to a very well thought of church of people.

    We look forward to visiting you in the new year.

    Helen, Jonathan, Nathan and bump (Theo)


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