Church Library

A new facility for all users of our hall (and members of our church.) 

We are developing a library of books about religion and Christianity for anyone who might be interested in finding out more. They are free for anyone to borrow – all that we ask is that you put the title of the book you have borrowed, your name and contact number on the sheet in the folder which you will find on the bookshelves..

Keep looking for new additions to our collection over the coming months – the current list is below.


Book Collection List
Item No Title Author Accession Date Category Notes
1 Essential Jesus Whitney T Kuniholm Jul-18 Bible Study 100 Bible readings relating to Jesus, with commentary.
2 Essential 100 Whitney T Kuniholm Jul-18 Bible Study Through the Bible in 100 readings with commentary.
3 Making Good Sense of the Bible Together Bible Society Jul-18 The Bible A short guide on how to interpret and understand the Bible
4 How to be a Bad Christian Dave Tomlinson Jul-18 Christianity A guide to Christianity for those who struggle with traditional religion.
5 Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road? Brian D. Mclaren Jul-18 Comparative religion Looking at other faiths and how Christianity can interact positively with them.
6 The Great Partnership Jonathan Sacks Jul-18 Religion and Science An excellent look at why science and religion aren’t in conflict but both add to our understanding of the world.
7 The Shack Wm. Paul Young Jul-18 Novel A novel about a man’s encounter with God (in a shack)   following his daughter’s abduction and murder.
8 The Dawkins Delusion Alistair and Joanna McGrath Jul-18 Religion and Science Explaining why aetheist Richard Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’ really isn’t persuasive at all.
9 The Bible for Grown-ups Simon Loveday Jul-18 The Bible A really useful guide to the background of the Bible.
10 Unapologetic Francis Spufford Jul-18 Christianity One person’s view on why Christianity makes sense. WARNING – contains swearing (don’t let it put you off)
11 The Meaning of Jesus Marcus Borg and N. T. Wright Jul-18 Christianity 2 Christian theologians with contrasting views on Jesus take it in turns to explore aspects of who Jesus was.
12 A Generous Orthodoxy Brian D. Mclaren Jul-18 Christianity Looking at what the various Christian traditions can bring to an understanding of how Christians should live.
13 How to Pray John Pritchard Aug-18 Prayer A guide to different approaches to praying
14 Being Christian Rowan Williams Aug-18 Christianity A brief guide to 4 elements of the Christian faith: Baptism; Bible, Eucharist (Communion) and Prayer
15 The Lord’s Prayer R.T. Kendall Aug-18 Prayer A guide to a better understanding of the Lord’s Prayer
16 The Heart of Christianity Marcus J. Borg Aug-18 Christianity How to rediscover a life of faith in a modern world by one of my favourite authors.
17 Surprised by Joy C. S. Lewis Sep-18 Autobiography The story of how atheist Lewis came to faith. He was to become one of our finest Christian writers.
18 Dethroning Mammon Justin Welby Sep-18 Christianity in Society The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent 2017 book looking at Christian attitudes towards money (Mammon).
19 A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity Nick Page Sep-18 Christian History /Humour An amusing but very thought provoking history of Christianity
20 Convictions Marcus J. Borg Sep-18 Christianity Borg explains his progressive Christian beliefs, and how what we know about Jesus ‘trumps’ the Bible.
21 Factfulness Hans Rosling Oct-18 The world A fascinating look at how bad we are at understanding what the world is like – it’s better than we think.
22 The One Hour Bible Ed. Philip Law Nov-18 The Bible If you haven’t got time to read the whole Bible – this distils some of the most important bits into a 1-hour read
23 The Badly Behaved Bible Nick Page Oct-19 The Bible A great book exploring how we should read and understand the Bible. Highly recommended.
24 To Live Again Sheila Jacobs Dec-19 Advent Study An Advent Study guide based on the film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

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