Film Club

Important Notice

Due to the virus situation we have taken advice and have cancelled many of our events, including Sunday Services, for the time being.

Until further notice there will be no more Film Club meetings.

I will let people know when the sessions can resume.

Mark Taylor

Film Club meetings are normally on the second Wednesday in the month – 19.30 – 21.00.

In the month leading up to the meetings we all take turns to watch the chosen film on DVD and then we meet up for a structured chat about what we think of the film and anything we have learned from watching it, over coffee and biscuits in the home of two of our members, Mark and Deborah Taylor. Go to Contact Us and send us an email to enquire further. The members take it in turns to chose the next film to watch and discuss.

The charge is only £1 per person – no additional charge for a couple.

Although we often touch on topics of ethics and spirituality the discussions are not overtly Christian or church-based in nature and are therefore suitable for everyone, whether religious or not.

The next film night is Weds 18 March 2020 when we will be discussing ‘The Children Act’ starring Emma Thomson

Note – March meeting a week later than normal due to holidays.

Image result for the children act

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