Café Church

Today at Café Church we looked at some issues around evil, in its broadest sense, in response to the proximity of Halloween.

We read some extracts from C S Lewis’s ‘The Screwtape Letters’ and discussed what we think about ‘The Devil’, recognising the presence of that voice inside us all that always seems to be tempting us to do what we know is wrong.

We thought about Halloween itself – a harmless bit of fun or something more sinister that we ought to be concerned about? – a bit of both we think.

Then we looked at the story of Jesus and the man possessed by demons from Luke 8. We examined whether there were some hidden meanings within the narrative – for example that the man in question not only wasn’t Jewish as he lived on the ‘other side’ of Lake Galilee but also that as he lived in the tombs he would have been ritually unclean to a Jew like Jesus. But still Jesus reached out to him to help him.

Lots to think about – and a good breakfast too!



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