Pub Theology

I’m delighted to announce that, after 18 months Pub Theology is back in Newark.

We will be meeting in The Prince Rupert on Thursday 30 September 2021 at 7.30 p.m.

The sessions are open to anyone. Here’s a little background about how it works:

What is Pub Theology?

Well it’s something that’s been happening for a number of years. It started in a pub in London – but it’s become quite a big thing in the USA. It’s all about meeting up somewhere comfortable, having a drink if you’d like (mine’s a pint) and talking about some of the Big Questions that if we are human we ought to be interested in and have a point of view on.

It’s for people of all faiths and none – the more different points of view are represented the better it will work.

What happens at a Pub Theology session?

I provide a list of questions etc. as conversation starters.

We talk to each other, say what we think, ask each other questions.

We have a drink

We have a good time.

We all go home a little wiser, and understanding other points of view a little better.

What shouldn’t happen at a Pub Theology session.

Someone talks too much – it’s not about saying what we ‘know’ and teaching everyone else who doesn’t ‘know’ it. We learn a lot more by listening to a new perspective than trotting out our own ideas.

Someone tries to ‘convert’ people to their way of thinking/their faith. It might happen – but that’s not what the intention is at all.

We held our first meeting in September 2017 at The Prince Rupert pub. 11 people attended and we all agreed to do it again the following month. There are now over 20 of us involved.

At our first meeting we discussed the following questions:

  • How do you know you actually exist?
  • Why is there beauty in the world?
  • Is it more important to believe the right thing or to do the right thing?

If it sounds interesting why not send an email to and I’ll respond and tell you more.

We meet on the last Thursday of every month (except December). We’d love to see you.

Mark Taylor


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