Climate Change Publicity

The church was please to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Alliance in seeking action to deal with climate change by allowing the display of a banner outside the church last weekend. The church has made a commitment in its Manifesto to ‘love the world and honour it as God’s body’ and this support for the alliance springs from that commitment.

Here’s a link to coverage in the Newark Advertiser:

We are also working towards an environmental ‘Eco Church’ award from A Rocha to evidence the church’s promise to protect the environment. – we’ll let you know when we have achieved our Bronze Award (hopefully in the next few months.)

Our worship theme for the Spring period is ‘Stewardship’, which includes looking at caring for the environment – if you want to see what we’re up to in our worship you can join us every Sunday morning at 11.00 BST by following this link:

Or to find out more email me at

Mark Taylor


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