Film Club – Eye in the Sky

Each month a group of us watch a film at home then gather together to discuss what we’ve seen. We’re not all Christians and the group is designed to be for anyone to attend. We do concentrate on the moral and ethical issues raised by a film though, and these often have a faith dimension.

Before the various lockdowns we’d meet together in my home. We can fit around 10 or 11 people in my living room. But then we couldn’t meet physically any more so we went online via Zoom.

The last time we met there were 16 of us, and one person unable to come. There is no way we could all meet in my house anymore – this growth in the group numbers is a blessing brought about by the coronavirus crisis.

Looks like we’ll be on Zoom forever.

But the main reason for this Blog is to tell you about our latest film – ‘Eye in the Sky’ starring Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman.

Eye in the Sky (2015 film) - Wikipedia

It’s a great film, full of tension which arises from the moral dilemmas raised by the plot. It’s about a drone operation to deal with terrorists and the problems posed by potential collateral damage.

I won’t give the plot away, but some of the things we thought about were:

  • What gives Western nations the right to intervene militarily in other countries?
  • The difficulties of making political decisions when there is no ‘right answer’
  • Whether decisions are made on their ethical merits or on how they will play out in the news media
  • What is an acceptable level of collateral damage – can it be reduced to an equation?
  • Should emotion play a part in decision making as well as logic

On of the best sessions we’ve ever held.

Watching this film is highly recommended.

Thinking about the issues it raises is even more recommended.

If you’ like to join our monthly film discussion group just drop me an email to There is plenty of room for more in my virtual living room!

Mark Taylor

Ministry team – Newark Congregational Church (UK)


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