Mid-faith Crisis

I recently received a trial copy of a magazine, Premier Christianity, which had in it an article by an author, Nick Page.

Nick has written over 70 books, mainly on religious topics. I also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to him recently at the annual Congregational Federation conference, where he was the principal speaker.

Nick is a seriously funny man both as a writer and as a speaker. If you want to find out a bit more about him and his books go to Nick Page website

However he is not only very funny he also has a lot of serious points to make in a very accessible way. In his article in Premier Christianity  he talks about something that is quite common – that moment when you wonder whether your faith makes sense. I am sure that there are very few Christians this hasn’t happened to – perhaps many times.

If you are one of those people – why not read his article here

In the article he makes reference to a podcast (a sort of radio programme that you can download and listen to any time) which he has started with another Christian, Baptist minister Joe Davis. The podcast is called Mid-faith Crisis and you can listen or download it by going to the website Mid-faith Crisis or by using the podcast app on your smartphone. I’ve listened to three episodes so far. They are, like Nick’s books, humorous, irreverent and packed full of very useful information and help.

I would strongly recommend that you try reading one of Nick’s books and/or listening to the podcast. I can guarantee you’ll find something worthwhile for your faith.

Mark Taylor




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