Café Church 13 September 2015

Today at Café Church we looked at an episode of the BBC sitcom ‘Rev’, featuring Tom Hollander as Rev. Adam Smallbone, vicar of an inner-city London church.

Alt=Series titles over a view looking down on the rev

We watched a few extracts from Series 1 Episode 1 and pondered issues such as

  • What matters most – the numbers of people attending a church or what those who attend do?
  • Is it appropriate for people to attend church just to get their children into highly rated church schools?
  • Why ‘buying’ a place at a church school with a large financial donation is like breaking the Eighth Commandment (‘Do not steal’).

No sermon this week, just group discussions.

And a few good laughs at what is an extremely amusing show that also raises important social issues.

Mark Taylor


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