Desert Island Discs

I think that Desert Island Discs is the best programme on the radio – never miss it. I’ve just caught up with this week’s edition featuring leading cosmologist Professor Carlos Frenk. Cosmologists are scientists who specialise in looking at the origin and evolution of the universe. So there’s a lot of discussion in this edition about the Big Bang, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. (Don’t … Continue reading Desert Island Discs

The Reith Lectures

Yesterday I listened to this year’s first Reith Lecture by Kwame Anthony Appiah.  The lecture series is about identity, and the first lecture concentrated on religious identity. Appiah made some very interesting points about the nature of religion and belief, about the relationships between different faiths and the role and interpretation of scripture. Worth a listen whether you are of a religious frame of mind … Continue reading The Reith Lectures

Radio Newark – Just Sing!

Peter Higgins, Choir Director, and Ruth Rush, Secretary of the Organising Group, were interviewed on Radio Newark recently. Hear what they have to say about the choir, and listen to the choir sing 3 songs, by clicking on the logo below. The choir were in excellent voice. The next choir rehearsal is Saturday 02 July, following which we will be taking our summer break. We’ll … Continue reading Radio Newark – Just Sing!