Christmas Greetings

I would like to wish all the followers of my Blog, wherever you are in the world, a very Happy Christmas. It’s a privilege to be able to share our thoughts with nearly 100 followers. I’d also like to share this blessing from the Mid-Faith Crisis website/podcast, featuring Nick Page and Joe Davis, which I would strongly recommend. May you know light in your … Continue reading Christmas Greetings

Reflection – 23 August 2020

Here’s my reflection for Sunday 23 August The online worship session will start at 11.00. I will be leading worship this week . If you want to join in just email me – – for details. We’d love to see you. Mark Taylor Sunday 23 August 2020 – A Reflection Our call to worship Gather around, you are welcome here, and you will hear … Continue reading Reflection – 23 August 2020

Credo – March 2020

Here is the text of my latest Credo article – just published in this week’s Newark Advertiser. Let me know what you think Mark The Bible is a very important book for Christians and how we understand its role and significance is fundamental to understanding our faith. Different Christians have differing views about this. There are some Christians who take the view that everything in … Continue reading Credo – March 2020