Pub Theology

Here’s a really good article in the Newark Advertiser about our Pub Theology sessions. Why not come along and see what it’s like? Next session Thursday 27 June and then the last Thursday in each month. A beer and the big questions please landlord ­­— theology over a pint By Dan Churcher – Published: 13:19, 24 May 2019  | Updated: 13:23, 24 May 2019 Pub … Continue reading Pub Theology

Café Church

Today at Café Church we looked at some issues around evil, in its broadest sense, in response to the proximity of Halloween. We read some extracts from C S Lewis’s ‘The Screwtape Letters’ and discussed what we think about ‘The Devil’, recognising the presence of that voice inside us all that always seems to be tempting us to do what we know is wrong. We thought about … Continue reading Café Church

Café Church 13 September 2015

Today at Café Church we looked at an episode of the BBC sitcom ‘Rev’, featuring Tom Hollander as Rev. Adam Smallbone, vicar of an inner-city London church. We watched a few extracts from Series 1 Episode 1 and pondered issues such as What matters most – the numbers of people attending a church or what those who attend do? Is it appropriate for people to attend … Continue reading Café Church 13 September 2015