Credo article – February 2021

Here’s my latest ‘Credo’ article that appeared din today’s Newark Advertiser. Mark “There’s no use trying,” [Alice] said: “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (from ‘Alice in Wonderland’) This column’s title means ‘I … Continue reading Credo article – February 2021

Reflection for Sunday 19 April

Here is a reflection for Sunday by Martin Frost, one of our Ministry Team. I hope you find it interesting and useful. We will be meeting for online ‘Zoom’ worship on Sunday at 11.00 (BST/WET). If you’d like to join us please email me on and I’ll send you access instructions. Mark Stilling verse: Ps 34:4 I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me … Continue reading Reflection for Sunday 19 April

Credo – March 2020

Here is the text of my latest Credo article – just published in this week’s Newark Advertiser. Let me know what you think Mark The Bible is a very important book for Christians and how we understand its role and significance is fundamental to understanding our faith. Different Christians have differing views about this. There are some Christians who take the view that everything in … Continue reading Credo – March 2020

Credo – December 2017

Here’s the text of my latest article – from this week’s Newark Advertiser. Mark I’ve been reading a book. It’s called ‘The Great Spiritual Migration’ by Brian D. McLaren and it’s about ‘seeking a better way to be a Christian’. If you’re prepared to be a little bit open-minded about your faith, or if you’re exploring faith and looking for a fresh view on what … Continue reading Credo – December 2017


Here’s the text of my latest article for the Newark Advertiser published on 08 September 2017. Mark Taylor This column’s title – ‘Credo’ – means ‘I believe’. Everyone has beliefs. These can be opinions, or confidence in something that can’t be proved. Many religious people have a set of beliefs, and sometimes these are gathered together in statements that are called creeds. Of course there … Continue reading Credo

The Reith Lectures

Yesterday I listened to this year’s first Reith Lecture by Kwame Anthony Appiah.  The lecture series is about identity, and the first lecture concentrated on religious identity. Appiah made some very interesting points about the nature of religion and belief, about the relationships between different faiths and the role and interpretation of scripture. Worth a listen whether you are of a religious frame of mind … Continue reading The Reith Lectures