Is Jesus at the centre?

Here’s an article I have recently had published in ‘The Congregationalist’ magazine. Is Church too ‘Sunday-centric’? Newark Congregational Church held a church visioning day in September to help us look at ways the church could develop its work within the local community. A number of strands have been identified to look at in more detail, including worship, communications, the church’s ‘welcome’ and the role of … Continue reading Is Jesus at the centre?

Just Sing! Choir – New Video

The church’s Community Choir, Just Sing!, has had a short documentary video made. It includes footage from rehearsals and a concert, but also interviews with members of the choir about what singing means to them. We are really pleased with it. It can be viewed on YouTube at Just Sing! Video If you want to see more of the choir in performance you can see … Continue reading Just Sing! Choir – New Video