Overseas visitors

I’ve been keeping an eye on the statistics which show me the number of people who’ve been looking at the website and where they’re from. No surprise that there have been quite a lot of people from the UK, but we’ve also had visitors from USA New Zealand France Austria Brazil and Mayotte! Now until today I had no idea where Mayotte was but I’ve … Continue reading Overseas visitors

Café Church

Today at Café Church we looked at some issues around evil, in its broadest sense, in response to the proximity of Halloween. We read some extracts from C S Lewis’s ‘The Screwtape Letters’ and discussed what we think about ‘The Devil’, recognising the presence of that voice inside us all that always seems to be tempting us to do what we know is wrong. We thought about … Continue reading Café Church

GIFT course

Deborah, one of our members, has just returned home from her first weekend away in Nottingham on the GIFT course run by the Congregational Federation. GIFT stands for Growing In Faith Together and is a one year course designed to ‘deepen experience and understanding of faith’. The course is delivered mainly by distance learning, but there are 3 weekends at the Congregational Federation’s national offices, which conveniently … Continue reading GIFT course